About Us

This site was set up to reflect the multicultural society in which we all live, in a diverse and dazzling world. No one person learns or lives the same way and our education should reflect this, or it is without foundation.

We are a Home Educating family who have found this flexible approach to learning and to life to be the right and complete choice for us.

So we decided to build this site to share our dreams and aspirations of Diversity-Otherwise with you. We need to value the not one size fits all approach, in order to make choices for our children and ourselves, and to cherish the diversity that life brings. After all, we are responsible for our children, from their birth until they leave our homes to venture out for themselves as adults and indeed for all of their lives. We share an unwritten duty to our children and to ourselves to do the best we can no matter how small or how great.

And with this note I close this page to carry on building the site.

Happy surfing!

Rehena Prior