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NABSS & BaOUKHE Conference on "Home Education and the Role of Black Supplementary Schools"

Saturday 6th June 2009, 11:00AM—4:00PM

This is a conference that will deal with the fast growing issue of Home Education, the children and the legal aspects involved. This event will also look into contributions that have been made through the Black Supplementary Schooling system.

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The Home Education Fair

Saturday 15 September, 1-5pm

The Home Education Fair is an opportunity to find out all about different aspects of home education: what it looks like, what research says, find a local group and meet young people who were home educated all for free!

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HESFES 2007 Part Two

Thursday 20th — Monday 24th September 2007

Back by popular demand - HESFES Part Two, A smaller event than the main July HESFES but with all the usual mix of free workshops, music and events. Children in flexi and full time school are also very welcome.

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Free Film Screenings from Film Education

Film Education have free film screenings for schools and home educators throughout March, including A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Freedom Writers, The Lives of Others, Days of Glory and Mischief Nights.

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Shouting, Stamping and Singing Home

6 October — 3 November 2006

I had a great great granma. She took Sojourner Truth as her name. I am her great great granddaughter. I am Mama's daughter. I am Lizzie Walker...

It is 1950s America, the Deep South; a world on the verge of change but still tainted by everyday injustices and the remnants of slavery.

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National Schools Film Week

16 — 20th October 2006 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
30th October — 3 November (Scotland)

The largest programme of FREE school screenings and events of its kind in Europe.
Open to home educating families.

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The Home Education Fair

23 September 2006 1-5pm

Fed up with school? Feel there’s no alternative? Come and find out more about Home Education at The Second Home Education Fair!

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Rise: London United

Saturday 8th July 2006, 12.00noon - 8.30pm

Rise: London United is a free music festival celebrating London's diversity and opposing racism. It is the place to be for music lovers and those just wanting a great free day out.

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HES FES 2006

Saturday 24th June to Saturday 1st July 2006

The Home Educators' Seaside Festival is the World's biggest gathering of home educating families. Children in flexi and full time school are also very welcome.

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You are invited to A Celebrity Tribute Gala

Saturday 10th December 2005, 7pm - 9.30pm

See famous names from the world of music and TV play tribute to famous Londoners of the past including MARY SEACOLE, BOB MARLEY, OLAUDAH EQUIANO, CLAUDIA JONES and many others.

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TV: Who Do You Think You Are?

Tuesday 16 November 2004, 9pm-10pm, BBC TWO

Moira Stuart comes from a family of high achievers, a family who've been travelling to and from the UK since the end of the 19th century.

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The West Indian Front Room

From Tuesday 26th October to Thursday 28th October 2004. 10am-5.30pm (10am-2pm on Thursday)

Michael McMillan's installation uses objects and furniture to symbolise the 'West Indian Front Room', looking at its social and cultural significance for post-war (1950s-70s) Black settlers in Britain. this will become the backdrop for performances by first generation elters, following a series of workshops over Black History Month.

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