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Shouting, Stamping and Singing Home

6 October — 3 November 2006

I had a great great granma. She took Sojourner Truth as her name. I am her great great granddaughter. I am Mama's daughter. I am Lizzie Walker...

It is 1950s America, the Deep South; a world on the verge of change but still tainted by everyday injustices and the remnants of slavery.

Lizzie and her family long for progress, inspired by their ancestor Sojourner Truth, freedom fighter, and just one of the many heroes the history books forgot. With Sojourner's dreams pumping in their veins they fight their own battles, old and new. But when the fight takes a life, can they summon up her courage and keep dreaming, or will it destroy them?

Polka is proud to present this moving and joyful play, interpersed with the uplifting melodies of Negro spirituals. Come and share in a celebration of freedom which echoes powerfully in today's world.

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